Earliest Known Ancestors of Eight R-U198 Lynns

The links below are to histories of the earliest known ancestors of eight Lynns whose Y-DNA places them in the relatively uncommon haplogroup called R-U198.  The ancestors noted below as 1 and 2 are proven to have lived in Ulster, Ireland in the mid to late 1700s; each of the others is proven to have lived there since circa 1800.  In addition, however, two of these earliest known ancestors left either a child or a grandchild who reported the families' origins as being Scottish.  Notably, the grandchild wrote in her memoirs that, when she entered school in the family's adopted home (the U.S.), she spoke "with a broad Scotch brogue".  A Scottish rather than Irish origin is clearly supported by the DNA, R-U198 being noticeably absent from Gaelic populations.

Descendants of the ancestors noted below as 1, 2, and 3 now live in the U.S.  Descendants of ancestor 4 live in Ulster, in Scotland (representing a mid-19th century migration backward), and in the U.S.  Ancestor 5 has descendants now living in Ulster, England, and Australia.  Ancestor 6 has descendants living in Ulster, England, and the U.S.  For each ancestor memorialized here, the place or places listed in the links are not necessarily places of birth but places where he is known to have lived.

Also, there are three R-U198 Lynns whose earliest known Lynn ancestors have no record of place of birth but whose Y-DNA - as discussed here - supports certain family traditions of those ancestors having come from Ireland or Scotland.  Those ancestors are memorialized as Ancestors 7-8.


Hugh Linn (b. 1753)
Farmer in Counties Tyrone & Down, Ulster
and in Concord, Pennsylvania
James Lynn (b. ca. 1780)
Weaver in Counties Londonderry & Antrim, Ulster, and in Exeter, Wisconsin
William Lynn (b. ca. 1775)
of Counties Fermanagh & Monaghan, Ulster
and in New Jersey and New York
John Lynn (b. ca. 1800)
Carpenter in Drumreagh,
Ballymoney Parish, County Antrim, Ulster
John Lynn (b. 1807)
Painter in Belfast,
County Antrim, Ulster
Robert Lynn (b. ca. 1823)
Carpenter in Belfast,
County Antrim, Ulster
James Linn (b. ca. 1725)
Settler in Camden District, South Carolina
Solomon Linn ( 1740)
Settler in Londonderry Township,
Bedford County, Pennsylvania



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