Robert Lynn, Carpenter
in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland
b. ca. 1823 - d. 1888

Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor of Philip Lynn1 and Robert H. Lynn, Jr.2


Historical Account First Generation Second Generation Third Generation

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The following data was discovered through the efforts of Colin Rodgers, first cousin of Philip Lynn.

Historical Account

Robert Lynn was born in Ireland about 1822 or 1823.  Henderson’s 1850 Belfast directory lists him as Robert Linn, carpenter, at 20 King Street while also listing a carpenter named John Linn at 44 Brown Square.  In 1819, however, there was a William Linn, wheelwright and turner, living at 38 Smithfield, which is just a short walk from 20 King Street; he was listed in the 1831 directory at 42 Smithfield.  One possibility is that William was the father of both Robert and John.  Wheelright and turner is a highly skilled trade involving both woodworking and metalworking and would fit well with having a son or sons who became carpenters.  However, no proof has yet been found establishing a relationship between William and Robert or William and John.

Robert Lynn married Mary Hannah Clark roughly about 1840.  The couple had a total of six known children, though there may have been others.  As mentioned above, Robert was listed at 20 King Street in 1850.  He was listed there as well in 1852.  Sometime later, he moved to 56 Carlisle Street, where he passed away "at home" in 1888.  His obituary quotes his son Samuel as saying, “The remains of my beloved father will be removed for interment in the family burying ground, Dunmurry ...”

Burial at Dunmurry suggests a connection between this family and other early Lynns who were buried there.  Notably, the earliest known ancestor of Philip Lynn’s Y-DNA match Brian Lynn - a John Lynn who was born about 1807 and was a painter in Belfast - is also buried at Dunmurry.  In fact, not only is there a close Y-DNA match between Philip and Brian but also substantial atDNA* is shared between a number of Philip's and Brian's respective family members.  The DNA matches, Belfast connection, and common place of burial together suggest that the two ancestors - John Lynn the painter and John Lynn the carpenter - likely were close cousins.

Robert and Mary (Clark) Lynn's eldest son, Robert Lynn, was born in Belfast in 1850.  As a young man, he left Ireland for America.  He settled in Connecticut, was naturalized on 1 November 1886, and married Elizabeth Jane Bellingham in New York on 14 November 1888.  The couple made their home in Connecticut, where they raised one son and one daughter.

Samuel Alexander Lynn, the younger son of Robert and Mary Lynn, was born in Belfast on 17 October 1851.  He became a plumber and, according to great-grandson Colin Rodgers, "moved to Lurgan [County Armagh] from Belfast when Lurgan got running water.  Suddenly plumbers were much in demand, and Samuel Lynn led the charge!  He was a great freemason."  In Lurgan, Samuel met Jane Elizabeth Pedlow.  The couple married on 9 July 1877 and had three sons and two daughters.  Their son Robert Lynn is the grandfather of Philip Lynn and Robert H. Lynn, as well as Colin Rodgers, who .

* atDNA refers to autosomal DNA, which is acquired from both one's parents.  It is called Family Finder by FamilyTreeDNA and Ancestry DNA by



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First Generation

ROBERT LYNN : born 1822-3 in Ireland; died 1888 in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland; buried at family burying-ground in Dunmurry, County Antrim, Ireland; possibly the son of William Linn, wheelright and turner in Belfast; married ...
Mary Hannah Clark : born 1814; died 10 August 1862 in Belfast; buried at family burying-ground in Dunmurry.

Second Generation


ELIZABETH LYNN : born 1841 in Belfast, Ireland; died 21 October 1921 in Belfast; married ...
William Lilburn : born 18 January 1835 in County Monaghan, Ireland; died 13 November 1908 in Belfast.

MARY LYNN : born 1844 in Belfast; died 21 April 1936 in Belfast; married ...
James Craig Kilpatrick : born 1851 in County Antrim, Ireland; died 14 June 1913 in Newtownards, County Down, Ireland.

JANE LYNN : born 1848 in Belfast; died 27 March 1944 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA; married ...
James John : born ca. 1845; died bef. 1920, after which Jane joined her brother Robert Lynn in West Haven, Connecticut.

ROBERT LYNN : born 1850 in Belfast; died 29 May 1933 in West Haven, Connecticut; married ...
Elizabeth Jane Bellingham : born 4 June 1854 in Kilrea, County Antrim, Ireland; died 15 March 1935 in West Haven, Connecticut.

SAMUEL ALEXANDER LYNN : born 17 October 1851 in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland; died 28 December 1937 in Lurgan, County Armagah, Ireland; married 9 July 1877  ...
Jane Elizabeth Pedlow : born 1851 in Lurgan; died 6 July 1923 in Lurgan.

SARAH LYNN : born 25 May 1856 in Belfast; died 22 December 1945 in Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, California; married 30 March 1888 ...
Robert Cochrane : ca. 1860; died 26 July 1891 in Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland.

Third Generation

 OF ROBERT      

       OF SAMUEL


EDNA FRANCES LYNN : born 19 August 1890 in Connecticut; died 30 September 1982 in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas; married ...
Hamilton Ingersoll : born 8 March 1888 in Long Island, New York; died 22 December 1940 in North Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut.

ROBERT BELLINGHAM LYNN : grandfather of Robert H. Lynn; born 3 April 1896 in West Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut; died 5 February 1978 in La Habre, Orange County, California; married ...
Alice Marian [last name unknown] : born 23 January 1902 in Connecticut; died 25 July 1978 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.


HANNAH LYNN : born 26 October 1878 in Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland; died unmarried 7 January 1946 in Lurgan.

WILLIAM LYNN : born 24 November 1882 in Lurgan; died unmarried 7 December 1883 in Lurgan. 

ROBERT LYNN : grandfather of Philip Lynn and Colin Rodgers; born 11 January 1885 in Lurgan; died 4 December 1923 of typhoid in Belfast; buried in Dundonald Cemetery, Belfast; married Mary "Minnie" Patterson; born 31 July 1884 in Belfast; died 30 January 1976 in Crawfordsburn, County Down, Ireland.

ELIZABETH "LILY" LYNN : born 10 January 1889 in Lurgan; died unmarried 2 January 1974 in Newtownards, County Down, Ireland.

SAMUEL ALEXANDER LYNN, JR. : born 11 March 1891 in Lurgan; died unmarried 20 August 1954 in Lurgan.


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