Hugh Linn of Ulster, Ireland
and Concord, Pennsylvania
b. 1753 - d. 1815

Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor
of Milton Lynn1 and Mark Woodward2


Historical Account First Generation Second Generation Third Generation

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An account of the life of Hugh Linn and some of his descendants was published in 1905 by his great-grandson, Dr. George Wilds Linn.  For his book, Dr. Linn relied heavily on information related to him by his grandfather, Hugh Linn II, who was three years old at the time the family came from Ulster to America, and by others of that generation.  The doctor also wrote to the heads of various branches of the family living at the close of the nineteenth century to request then current information about Hugh Linn's descendants.  The following historical account excerpts certain points from Dr. Linn's account and examines them in light of other, historical sources.

How helpful it would be to read the doctor's original notes!  Rather, how enlightening to have been present when his elders told what they knew, to have heard the very words which the doctor heard!

Historical Account

The Widney family into which Hugh Linn married had lived for several generations in Killymurry in the north of County Monaghan, Ireland.  They still owned Killymurry in 1784,1 the very year that Hugh's brother-in-law James Widney sold the property and emigrated to America.

Hugh Linn was born in 1753 in Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland.  He lived for  some unknown period after his marriage somewhere in the vicinity of Newry, County Down.  On their journey to board a ship bound for America, Hugh and his family watched "[t]he church spires of Newry, Emyvale and Aughnacloy, one by one, disappear in the distance ..."2

Concerning the family's migration from Scotland to Ireland, Dr. Linn's states that the Linns "took up their abode in the northeastern or Scottish side of Ulster ... in County Down, near Newry."  The church spires of Newry are visible for quite some distance around.  Also, both the town and Newry Parish lie partly in County Down and partly in County Armagh; and the parish includes parts of both Armagh and Down.

Plainly, one cannot know precisely where Hugh and his family lived, and it might just as well have been in southeast Armagh as in Down.  In any case, where a man lived at any given time after he married is not proof that he was born there.  Furthermore, given the fact that Hugh Linn's bride and her family lived in the north of County Monaghan for some generations before, until seven years after, their marriage, it is even less likely that Hugh was from County Down.  [See: Widney.]

Hugh and Sarah's son Hugh Linn II was born, as Dr. Linn describes it, "in the Province of Ulster, County Down, Ireland".3

Hugh II is the only child of Hugh for whom Dr. Linn mentions a place of birth.  Knowing that the family lived somewhere in the vicinity of Newry, but perhaps unaware of Newry's connection to Armagh, the good doctor may have simply assumed that the family was in Down.  We have only his statement to support County Down as the place of birth for any of Hugh's children, and we do not know that his elders specifically named it as such.  The possibility that it was an assumption on his part is suggested by a popular misconception which Dr. Linn demonstrably shared, which is discussed below.

Regrettably, Hugh's parents are not identified by Dr. Linn.  In fact, the doctor has only two things to say about Hugh's forebears.  The first concerns their religion: the Linns were Calvinists (i.e., Presbyterians), and Hugh was raised in that faith.4  The second concerns their coming to Ulster from Scotland:

"Into this current of migration the Linns were drawn and with the mass of their countrymen took up their abode in the northeastern or Scottish side of Ulster ... in County Down, near Newry" [emphasis added].5

Unfortunately, again, it is impossible to know whether this report was: (1) the account of Dr. Linn's elders, who were mere children when the family came to America, or (2) Dr. Linn's view based on his family's Scottish origins, his elders' mention of Newry, and his own, perhaps limited knowledge of Scottish and Ulster history.

The description of the northeastern side of Ulster as the "Scottish side" is, in fact, a popular misconception which sweeps up in the reader's thinking every Scot who ever migrated to Ulster, from the first days of the Scottish settlement in Ireland - including those who settled elsewhere in Ulster.  Calling it such does not mean that all Ulster Scots lived in the northeast.  Indeed, it would never have been called the "Scottish side" during the Ulster plantation.

The fact is that the first Scottish Linns or Lynns found in Ulster arrived between 1606 and 1616 and settled in the west and northwest, not in the northeast.  Specifically, they made their homes in Counties Donegal, Londonderry [or Derry], and Tyrone.  [Though not part of the political entity of Northern Ireland, Donegal is in the historic province of Ulster and was included in the Ulster Plantation.]  Furthermore, those Lynns were participants in a very significant settlement of Scots in Tyrone, the entire precinct of Strabane, Tyrone having been allotted to Scottish undertakers such as the Earl of Abercorn and Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock.6,7,8.9  A study of Ulster muster rolls dated in the 1630s and earlier reveal numerous Scottish settlers in the western and northwestern Ulster counties of Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Fermanagh, Londonderry, and Tyrone.  Included among them is one Lynne in Londonderry who owned land there, as well as in Donegal and Tyrone.  Also among them are two Lynns in Tyrone.  Notably, however, not one Linn, Lynn, etc. is found in the muster rolls of either Antrim or Down.10

Likewise, not one Linn or Lynn appears in either Antrim or Down in Pynnar's 1619 survey of the plantation of Ulster or in the related documents cited by Rev. Hill in his examination of Pynnar and plantation records..11

As time passed and populations grew, the city of Belfast in County Antrim drew to it, as cities do, men who sought a more secure and profitable life for their families.  Doubtless, many Ulster Scots who lived in the west and northwest of the province joined the number of urban dwellers.  Eventually, Antrim and Down came to be popularly known as "the Scottish side"; but that description, again, does not mean that all Ulster Scots lived there.

Ultimately, Hugh Linn's Scottish antecedents may have settled virtually anywhere in Ulster. The only details of his Ulster history which we can state unequivocally are that he lived for some period, somewhere on one side of Newry or the other, and left for America in 1788 with his wife, Sarah Widney, and three small children (one sickly child being left in Ulster in the care of an aunt).12

Dr. Linn's account of the family's American history, particularly in the first three generations, is far more detailed and reliable.  Hugh, Sarah, and their children settled in Franklin County, Pennsylvania and helped to found the village of Concord.  Being a man of Christian faith arriving in a region which as yet had no established churches, Hugh opened his home to neighbors far and near for Bible reading and prayer.  His cabin came to be called "Immanuel", meaning "God with us".  In such a wilderness, Hugh Linn raised a family of eight children, doubtless cherishing in his heart the one child left across the ocean.13


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See also and Dr. Linn's Book

First Generation

HUGH LINN : born 1753 in Ulster, Ireland (probably either County Monaghan or County Tyrone); died 1815 in Concord, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Sarah Widney : born 1757 in County Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland; died 1810 in Concord.

Second Generation

JOHN LINN : born 19 March 1778 in Ulster, Ireland; died 6 December 1845 in Concord, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Jane Van Scyoc : born 1780; died 1854 in Pennsylvania.

WILLIAM LINN : born 1780 in Ulster; died unknown; marriage unknown; however, see children below.

MARY LINN : born 1782 in Ulster; died 1826; married ...
George Loughridge : born 5 November 1775; died 3 August 1831 in Smithsburg, Washington County, Maryland.

HUGH LINN II : born 10 May 1785 in Ulster; died 3 April 1870 in Concord, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Ann Widney : born 22 December 1785 in Concord; died 25 April 1865 in Concord.

SARAH LINN : born 1788 in Concord, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 1812; married ...
Samuel Campbell : Samuel's dates, and the names of their children, if any, are unknown.

MARGARET LINN : born 7 March 1790 in Concord; died 13 December 1870 in Perry County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Benjamin Van Scyoc : born 9 November 1788; died 14 March 1872.

JAMES LINN : born 25 August 1792 in Concord; died 20 April 1848 near Aughwick Creek, Springfield Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Nancy Booher: born 20 November 1798; died 18 August 1877.

JANE LINN : born 1795 in Concord; died 7 April 1842 near Concord; married ...
Robert Campbell : born 1798; died 22 December 1880.

NANCY LINN : born 1801 in Concord; died 1868 in Concord; married ...
Hugh Wallace : born 1778; died 1854.

Third Generation











CHARLES LINN : born 10 August 1803 in Concord; died 26 December 1876 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Martha Snyder: born 18 August 1803; died 23 June 1856 in Huntingon County.

MARTHA LINN : born 28 November 1804 in Concord; died 30 July 1886 in Hammonville, Pennsylvania; married ...
William I. Widney : born unknown; died 15 September 1865 in Concord.

SARAH LINN : born 22 September 1806 in Concord; died 11 June 1892 in Tiffin, Iowa; married ...
John Snyder : born unknown; died 4 November 1848 in Tiffin.

HUGH LINN : 2nd-great-grandfather of Milton Lynn; born 8 August 1808 in Concord; died 17 February 1881 in Robinsonville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Mary Ann Saylor: born 1814 in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania; died 1892 in Robinsonville.

MARY LINN : born 10 June 1810 in Concord; died 8 December 1875 in Fannett Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Harmon Hockenberry : born 1806 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 12 September 1877 in Fannett Township.

MARGARET LINN : born 1812 in Concord; died 1839 in Fannett Township; married ...
Henry Hockenberry : born 1800-05 in Pennsylvania; died after 8 September 1870 in Fannett Township.

JANE LINN : born 1815 in Concord; died 12 October 1851 in Auburn, Indiana; married ...
John Patterson Widney : born 1815-16 in Pennsylvania; died 1905 in Auburn.

JOHN LINN : born 13 April 1818 in Concord; died 6 March 1885 in Dublin Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Eliza Jane Rouse: born 1821 in Pennsylvania; died 1891 in Dublin Township.

JAMES LINN : born 29 September 1820 in Concord; died 25 May 1904 in South Bend, Washington; married ...
Hannah Roberts: born 15 March 1821 in Pennsylvania; died 24 July 1904 in South Bend.

ELIZA LINN : born 1822 in Concord; died 1907 in unknown; married ...
William Taylor : born 1814 in Pennsylvania; died 1892 in Hustontown, Pennsylvania.


HUGH WILLIAM LINN : 2nd-great-grandfather of Mark Woodward; born 1818 in County Clare, Ireland; died 3 March 1900 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married ...
Mary Chadwick : born 1818 in England; died 8 July 1907 in Philadelphia.

MARGARET LINN : born 1820 in Ulster; died 1847 in unknown; married ...
James W. Linn (below).


GEORGE LOUGHRIDGE : born 26 April 1806; died 28 December 1853 in Beaver Creek, Maryland; married ...
Elizabeth Funk : born 2 January 1810; died 7 July 1879.

JOHN LOUGHRIDGE : born 26 September 1811; died unknown; marriage unknown.

ABRAHAM LOUGHRIDGE : born 1813; died 1850; married ...
Margaret Linn, daughter of Hugh Linn II and Ann Widney : born 1785 in Pennsylvania; died unknown.

WILLIAM LOUGHRIDGE : born 22 May 1816 ; died 1891; married ...
Rachael Eavey : born 1812; died 1883.

HUGH LOUGHRIDGE : born unknown; died without issue.

MARY LOUGHRIDGE : born unknown; died without issue.

MARTHA LOUGHRIDGE : born unknown; died without issue.


JAMES WIDNEY LINN : born 6 September 1809 in Concord; died 1864 in Concord; married ...
Mary Wilds : born 1811; died 1861 in Concord.

HUGH W. LINN : born 21 June 1811 in Concord; died 7 May 1820.

SARAH ANN LINN : born 28 August 1814 in Concord; died 9 March 1896 in Mount Morris, Ogle County, Illinois; married ...
Samuel Henry : born 1808; died 7 October 1880 in Mount Morris.

MARY LINN : born 1 September 1816 in Concord; died after 27 June 1900 in Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; married ...
Samuel Booher : born 1805-10 in Pennsylvania; died 1880-1900 in Shippensburg.

JANE LINN : born 16 July 1818 in Concord; died 11 Apr 1903 in Carroll County, Illinois; married ...
Andrew Jackson Taylor : born 1815; died 29 March 1884, Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania.

JOHN LINN : born 13 April 1820 in Concord; died 16 February 1895 in Concord; married ...
Margaret Hays : born 1820; died 14 April 1890 in Concord.

MARGARET LINN : born 26 March 1822 in Concord; died 17 April 1908 in Westside, Crawford County, Iowa; married ...
Abraham Loughridge : born 1813 in Pennsylvania; died 11 August 1850 in Pine Creek, Ogle County, Illinois.

HUGH LINN : born 6 June 1824 in Concord; died 1849 in Concord.

ALEXANDER ERWIN LINN : born 9 February 1826 in Concord; died 6 November 1902 in Concord; married ...
Matilda Shaver : born 7 September 1823 in Pennsylvania; died 7 April 1910 in Concord.

ARABELLA MACLAY LINN : born 16 July 1828 in Concord; died 1917 in San Miguel County, New Mexico; married ...
William M. Bloom : born 1824 in Pennsylvania; died 1888, possibly in Huston, Blair County, Pennsylvania.

ELEANOR POMEROY LINN : born 30 May 1831 in Concord; died 17 September 1905 in Polo, Ogle County, Illinois; married ...
William Typer : born 30 June 1826 in Martinsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania; died 4 November 1910 in Polo.


JOHN K. VAN SCYOC : born 8 January 1816 in Toboyne Township, Perry County, Pennsylvania; died unknown, possibly in Fremont, Iowa; married ...
Julia Ann Winters : born 1820-21 in Pennsylvania; died unknown.

SAMUEL VAN SCYOC : born 1820 in Toboyne; died after 1860 in Perry County; married ...
Leah ? : born 1824-25 in Maryland; died after 1860.

SARAH ANN VAN SCYOC : born in 1820 in Toboyne; died 1870-80 in Granville, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania; married ...
John Mumper : born 1813 in Pennsylvania; died 1883 in Granville.

MARTHA VAN SCYOC : born in July 1822 in Toboyne; died after 9 June 1900; married ...
John Emory : born unknown; died before 9 June 1900; married 1st to Martha's sister Maria, below.

BENJAMIN VAN SCYOC : born in 1828 in Toboyne; died after 1880; married ...
Nancy Jane ? : born in 1838; died unknown.

MARIA VAN SCYOC : born in 1831 in Toboyne; died unknown; married ...
John Emory : born unknown; died before 9 June 1900; married 2nd to Maria's sister Martha, below.

HENRY VAN SCYOC : born in 1833 in Toboyne; died unknown; marriage unknown.


CASPER BOOHER LINN : born in 1820 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 22 September 1862 in Memphis Missouri; married ...
Elizabeth Jane Lauther : born 28 August 1828; married 2nd Vincent Stevens; died 26 April 1906 in Winchester, Virginia.

JOHN LINN : born 21 February 1822 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 8 February 1874 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania; marriage unknown.

JAMES W. LINN : born 21 February 1825 in Pennsylvania; died 25 October 1906 near Pierce City, Missouri; married ...
Sarah Chilcoat : born 5 November 1824; died 13 October 1887 in Pierce City.

ELIZABETH JANE LINN : born 26 June 1830 in Huntingcon County, Pennsylvania; died 16 November 1859; married Charles ...
Charles W. Evans : born 17 September 1829; died 8 September 1907 in Huntington County.

HUGH LINN : born 18 November 1832 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania; died 26 May 1894 in Iowa; married ...
Carrie Feight : born 19 February 1836 in Pennsylvania; died 25 December 1913 in Iowa.

SAMUEL BRIERLY LINN : born 26 February 1836 in Huntingdon County; died 12 March 1920 in Shelby, Shelby County, Iowa; married ...
Jane Glasgow Keagy : born 16 April 1836; died 17 December 1908 in Shelby.

JACOB BOOHER LINN : born 16 March 1839 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania; died 28 December 1893 in Shelby, Iowa; married ...
Hester Ann Chilcoat : born 15 December 1835 in Pennsylvania; died 13 December 1927 in Shelby.


JAMES CAMPBELL : born 19 August 1819 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 15 October 1851; married ...
Eliza Gilleland : born in 1825; died 2 January 1851.

HUGH CAMPBELL : born in 1821 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died in 1864; married ...
Mary Bratton Jenkins : born 1827-28 in Pennsylvania; died unknown.

ANN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL : born 17 May 1824 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died unknown; married ...
John Hays : born unknown; died unknown.

MARTHA CAMPBELL : born 19 March 1827 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 7 April 1906 in Shelby County, Iowa; married ...
Charles James McLaughlin, Jr. : born 6 October 1824 in Pennsylvania; died 11 August 1887 in Shelby County.

MARY JANE CAMPBELL : born in 1829 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died in 1889; married ...
Isaac G. Bratton : born in 1824 in Pennsylvania; died in 1901.

NANCY WIDNEY CAMPBELL : born 4 April 1832 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 2 August 1895 in Shelby, Iowa; married ...
William Buckley : born 19 July 1834 in Pennsylvania; died 30 April 1919 in Shelby.

JOHN CAMPBELL : born in 1834; died in 1900 in Mexico; married ...
Catherine Harris Cook : born in 1835; died in 1907 in Mexico.


JOHN WALLACE : born in September 1821 in Concord, Pennsylvania; died in 1903 in Wingfield, Geary County, Kansas; married ...
Elizabeth Berry : born in July 1828; died in 1902 in Wingfield.

MARY ANN WALLACE : born in 1824 in Concord, Pennsylvania; died in 1854; married ...
William Ewing : nothing known.

SARAH WALLACE : born in 1827 in Concord, Pennsylvania; died in 1901; marriage unknown.

HENRY WALLACE : born in 1830 in Concord, Pennsylvania; died in 1863; marriage unknown.

MARGARET JANE WALLACE : born in 1834 in Concord, Pennsylvania; died in 1899 in Geary County, Kansas; married ...
George Washington Devenney : born in March 1834 in Pennsylvania; died after 8 June 1900 in Geary County.

HUGH WALLACE, JR. : born in December 1838 in Concord, Pennsylvania; died in 1904 in Concord; married ...
Sarah Ann Stake : born in August 1840 in Pennsylvania; died after 2 June 1900 in Concord.

NANCY WALLACE : born in 1843 in Pennsylvania; died unknown; marriage unknown.

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